Create your own unique Tapestry experience to fit the specific needs of your project by choosing from our list of specialized services and offerings.

Planning and Budgeting
We will consult with you to plan your project from beginning to end. This would include any of the following: conceptualize ideas; script writing (including treatments); creating layouts; and formulating realistic, workable budgets to accomplish your goals.

Location and Scouting
From stages and studios to exotic locales, we have an extensive library of shooting locations on file. And, if we don't have what you're looking for, we'll scout it. Our knowledgeable and seasoned location scouts are capable of pinpointing the ideal site for your productions.

Permits and Insurance
We will handle the tedious task of obtaining all necessary permits, clearances, security and insurance for your project

Whether you are in print, video, or commercial production, Tapestry delivers on your casting needs, however specific. Our access to models, actors, real people or animals guarantees the right talent for any project.

We assemble teams of experienced professionals to ensure flawless execution and superior results. We'll call in portfolios, reels and resumes for your review and arrange and facilitate all pre-production meetings when necessary.


Whether you're shooting in the studio or on location, Tapestry caters to and satisfies your diverse culinary tastes by arranging catering services from crudités and sandwiches to complete full-service meals.

Travel Planning and Management
Leave your travel concerns to us. Car rentals, equipment transportation, hotel accommodation, flights or RVs - Tapestry has you covered. Rest assured, we'll research and provide top quality and cost-effective solutions based on your individual travel needs.

Post Production
Finish up strong! Whether it's editing film or designing print layouts, being post savvy is necessary to create a polished finished product. We work with the best editors, graphic designers, digital specialists, post facilities and printers in the business. Remember, it's how you start and how you finish.

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